Reduce Ankle Injuries

If your sport season is coming soon, you’ll want to make sure you did everything in your power to be ready for it, but most importantly you’ll want to be healthy and remain that way. You will not do your team or yourself any good if you are sidelined with an injury. The more you are on the field/court, the more opportunities you make for your team.

Most team sports are multi-directional in nature and this means they require acceleration, deceleration, change of direction and all other kinds of movements in different planes. With all of this biomechanic chaos, you run the risk of injuries, in particular, ankle injuries. We see ankles being rolled, sprained, or even fractured. No, not everything can be prevented, but you can take the proper steps to help reduce the risk.

We like to use a Band Modality Drill that will help prepare the ankles for the chaotic movements that are involved in sports.This is a drill you can include in your workouts to help create motor pathways and to simply strengthen your ankles.

By improving ankle strength, you can also reduce the risk of knee injuries, hamstring injuries, etc. Watch the video and learn how to better prepare yourself for your sport.